Campaign 4: Bariloche to Paso El Triana

Coming from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.), I thought I was accustomed to wide open spaces and dirt roads. And while it’s true that the U.P. has endless forests pierced by two-tracks, the sheer distances just cannot compare to those you’ll find in Patagonia. The emptiness of this landscape is difficult to explain. Take a quick … Continue reading Campaign 4: Bariloche to Paso El Triana

Campaign 3: Bariloche to Trevelin

Two Argentines, two Germans, two Frenchmen, and a United Statesian walk into a lenga forest... Happily, there is no punchline. After a week of intensive field sampling, we all walked right back out again! However, it goes without saying that communication is critical in field work. When there’s a mile-high language barrier, more often than … Continue reading Campaign 3: Bariloche to Trevelin

Campaign 2: Tierra del Fuego to El Chalten

Just six short weeks after beginning my PhD program, I hopped into a Toyota Hilux in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego with two complete strangers. I would spend the next 8 days and 1600 kilometers with them, hiking 75 kilometers up and down largely pathless mountain faces near the Argentinian Patagonian cities of Ushuaia, El Calafate, … Continue reading Campaign 2: Tierra del Fuego to El Chalten